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At Little People Child Care we offer a variety of learning techniques to help your child retain information and put it to work regularly.

1. Attention Span.  One of the hardest things for small children to learn is the ability to sit still and listen for more than a few minutes.  This is an essential skill for success in school.


2. Early Reading Skills.  According to Dr. Ken Grizzle of the University of Wisconsin, “A child’s ability in kindergarten and first grade to be able to recognize that words they hear are made up of sounds and that those sounds can be manipulated to create different words plays an important role in early word reading.”

3. Early Writing Skills.  Letting your child scribble may seem like fun and games – but it’s actually the beginning of writing ability.

4. Early Math Skills.  Developing an understanding of numbers and counting is essential to the later development of more involved mathematical skills.

5. Listening Skills.  Preschoolers need to develop the skills they need to listen, to truly hear, and to comprehend instructions and explanations.

6. Problem-solving Skills.  Essential in academics as well as in everyday life, preschool is the time to start teaching problem-solving abilities.  Educational toys and activities are the perfect tools for teaching basic problem-solving.

7. Communication Skills.  The ability to express needs, ask questions and express feelings both verbally and non-verbally is essential to later success.

8. Creativity.  “The critical role of imagination, discovery, and creativity in a child’s education is only beginning to come to light,” says Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq, founder of the International Child Art Foundation.  Allowing plenty of tools and chances for artistic and creative play is the best way to foster this essential skill.

9.  Social Skills.  Early development of the social skills necessary to thrive in a school environment is one of the easiest to forget, but still one of the most important.

10. Fine Motor Skills.  Working with things like scissors and crafts help preschoolers to develop the fine motor skills required to succeed with more complex projects in the future.

Academic Enrichment


As each child enters into our doors we will pour into them the educational tools necessary to maximize their full potential. No child will be left behind the mark as we prepare, equip and teach them how to fly in every area of their life!​

Pre-School Programs

​Your child is our number one focus. We are passionate about preparation. Making sure that your child is prepared to go to transitional kindergarten and Pre-K. 

Give us a call:

(661) 206-9064



We offer transportation to your child's school within a 20-mile radius. Once your child arrives at Little People Child Care we make sure they do their homework first. We serve snacks and have a lot of fun interactive games and videos.



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